Myth of the Mind

This work intends to ask questions about the relationship between one’s sense of self, mental illness, and medication. Personally, this work is a response to the feeling of brokenness and helplessness that surrounded my sister’s diagnosis of schizophrenia, and it is a masked emotional attack on those who despise her use of and need for medication. For an observer, the most important question of this piece
is if pills are good or bad.

Digital painting, raster, 11 x 17. (Revised December 18, 2015). Academic.

Intimate Moments

This work was a response to hyper-realistic ball point pen drawings by Juan Francisco Casas. What I read into Casas’ body of work, which is hyper-realistic renderings of amateur photography that shift over ten years from digital cameras to cellphone selfies, is a commentary on the camera’s changing place in society. Using that concept, I wanted to show the cellphone’s place today, which is that of an incredibly personal and intimate item. The presentation of this piece accompanied a guided discussion on technology and millennial culture.

Graphite drawing on paper, 18 x 24. Academic.